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Spanish Courses in Salamanca

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The Colegio de España offers you wide variety of Spanish courses throughout the whole year, where you can practice and improve your language knowledge at any time.

Our Spanish language and culture courses are accredited by the Cervantes Institute which will guarantee you a commitment of academic quality, seriousness and professionalism and a completely personalized attention as of from the moment you send us your enrolment.

Apart from the scheduled courses, we offer tailor made courses for students, professionals or groups of all ages and nationalities, which might have their personal requirements.

We also offer Spanish courses for specific purposes (Business Spanish, Legal Spanish, Medical Spanish, etc.) and training courses for Spanish Language Teachers (ELE).

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Intensive Spanish Courses

Start every Monday throughout the year.
All levels.
As of from 4 daily sessions.
Flexible duration.
Possibility to obtain university credits.

Spanish Program for Juniors

13 to 17 years old.
All levels.
Accommodation included.
Leisure program and excursions.

Spanish Program for Seniors 50+

All included.
Students of the same age group.
All year round and July.
Different options of accommodation.

Individual Spanish Courses

In person and online.
Flexible schedule and duration.
All levels.
Specific contents (DELE preparation, Spanish for specific purposes, etc.)

Information on Spanish Courses in Salamanca

Aprender español en Salamanca

When do the courses start?

Apart from the official start and end dates of the courses, you can start your course any Monday. The Colegio recommends Beginner Students (Level A1) to start classes during the first week of each course.


How do I know what level of Spanish I have?

Before starting the course, you must take the placement test (listening comprehension and writing comprehension).

If for any reason you cannot take the test online, you will be able to take it on the first day of class, at 8:45 a.m. The test is included within the course sessions.

If the result of the test does not match your actual level, you can change classes within the first three days of the course after having consulted your teacher or the Head of Studies.

A1 level students (Initial) should start classes during the first week of each course.


How are the classes?

The Spanish Language Courses in Salamanca at the Colegio de España are taught in classes adapted to the needs of each student, in which the student is the protagonist.

The teaching methods during class are orientated to communicative action, striving to stimulate your interest in learning and practicing Spanish.

In a relaxed atmosphere, you will be able to develop your communicative capacity by performing motivating tasks and dynamic activities.  Also, during class teachers will foment mutual help, respect, empathy and communication among students of different languages and cultures.

The small number of students per class, between 7 and 8 (the maximum allowed being 12), will ensure that you will make the most of your Spanish course.


What does the price of the course include?

Your course includes the class material (it does not include the price of the books), a welcome gift, extracurricular activities which are free of charge and take place during your stay and an Attendance Certificate.

Can I obtain university credits with my course?

You can obtain university credits, granted by the Pontifical University of Salamanca if you take at least 50 sessions of one of the following courses

Intensive Spanish Language Course

As a former student, can I get any discounts?

If you have already taken a course with us, you will receive a 5% discount for your new enrolments.  The same discount will be given to your partner (if applicable).

Do you have any more questions?

Check our FAQ.