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Why study Spanish and not other language?

Very easy, the Spanish language is an expanding language spoken by 535 million people in the world.

It is the third most widely spoken language and there are 21 Spanish-speaking countries where you can put it into practice.

It is the third most used language on the internet and the most studied foreign language in the United States and United Kingdom.

The most valued employees are those who know languages.

Meet friends from all over the world and immerse yourself in the extensive culture of Spanish-speaking countries. Communicate with them.

Enjoy the art and culture of Spain through the language.

Do you want to learn or improve your Spanish with us?

Offers 2024

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Join people who already speak Spanish and expand your opportunities.

Important: The offers only apply for individual students. All discounts will be applied only on the course fees (no discount for lodging nor other services). To receive any of the discount, please indicate in Comments on your Inscription form or contact us at info@colegioespana.com (you can only get the discount if you apply when sending your enrolment). Non-accumulative offers.

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