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Academic Information

All you need to know

Placement test

On the first day of class, at 8:45 a.m., you will take a placement test (included within the course sessions) that will determine your level of Spanish language.

If for any reason, your level is not adequate, you can change classes within the first three days of the course after consulting your teacher or the head of studies.

Students of level A1 (Beginners) should start classes the first week of each course (see dates).

In this link you can consult more information about our levels of Spanish language.


Our courses, adapted to the needs of each student, follow a methodology oriented to communicative action in which the student is the protagonist.

In our Spanish classes, we strive to stimulate your interest in learning, as well as help you to develop your communicative capacity by performing motivating tasks and dynamic classes that put you in touch with everyday life.

In your Spanish classes you will find the ideal place to learn and practice the Spanish language since the average number of students per class is 7-8 students (the maximum allowed being 12).

Teachers manage to create a relaxed class environment in which they foster interest in work, mutual help, cordiality, empathy, respect and knowledge among students and to other languages and cultures.

In this way, we get our students to advance in learning Spanish, in the knowledge of the countries in which they are spoken and in their cultures, and in communication with their speakers.

More information about objectives, contents and methodology here.

Books used during classes

The books and materials used in our Spanish Language classes have been carefully selected to ensure their maximum use during the course.

In addition to the META ELE method of the Edelsa Publishing House, each level uses an Exercise Booklet prepared by the teachers of our school. We also use other carefully created or selected materials: comics, postcards, photos, posters, official prints, contracts, brochures, short films, etc.

On the first day, after the placement test and after having determined your level of Spanish language, we will give you the material that you will use in your Spanish classes.

The price of the books is not included in the price of your course (27€ approximately).

Schedule and attendance

The schedule of our language classes is from Monday to Friday usually in the mornings. On your first day of class, we will inform you on your schedule and the extra-curricular activities that will take place during your stay.

The class sessions lasts 50 minutes so you’ll enjoy several breaks where you can interact with your classmates and practice what you’ve learned in class.

We remind you that attendance and punctuality will be controlled by your teacher and the absences will be deducted from the total hours on the Certificate of Attendance.

Attendance Certificate or Study Certificate

At the end of your Spanish course, you will receive an Attendance Certificate, indicating the number of sessions you have attended class and the level of language obtained in the course (this certificate is free of charge).

If you wish, you can also obtain a Study Certificate. To obtain this certificate, you will need to pass the corresponding evaluation exams and attend more than 90% of the total classes (the price of this certificate is 12€).

University Credits UPSA

Since several years the College of Spain has had an agreement with the UPSA (Pontifical University of Salamanca) that allows students of our center to obtain university credits granted by this university.

You can earn university credits for taking the following courses (from 60 sessions):

Request more information at our offices or at info@colegioespana.com.

Cancellation of courses

The Colegio de España reserves the right to cancel any Spanish course or subject that does not have a minimum of 4 students enrolled.

If this would be your case, don’t worry, we will offer you the possibility to take a course of similar characteristics to the one you have contracted or the refund of the amount paid for.

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