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Spanish Program for Groups

For all ages and necessities


Spanish Programs for Groups

The Colegio de España has been organizing Spanish Programs for groups and Language Immersion Stays in Salamanca for more than 50 years.

Since 1973 our school has established Language Immersion Programs (short and long term) with universities, colleges, high schools, institutes, high schools, companies, agencies, etc. from all over the world and for groups of all ages.

All Spanish Programs for groups are tailor made according to the academic needs and interests of each institution.

The main aim of this trips is for students to improve their language skills through a complete immersion into Spanish life and culture.


Years of experience


Linguistic Stays

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What do Spanish Programs include?

Language Immersion Programs for groups

Our programs are 100% adapted to the needs of each group: contents, levels, start, duration, activities, excursions, accommodation, budget, etc.

Spanish Language Course

The total of sessions, start of the course and levels will be adapted to the need of the group.

At the end of the course all students will receive an Attendace Certificate or Study Certificate. 


Accomodation for both students and teachers or program directors is included. 

There are different options of accommodation (host family, university residence and hotel) although the most popular option is to stay in a Host family. 


Wide variety of activities, excursions and visits both in Salamanca and in other cities. 

The group will be always accompanied by teachers or monitors from the school or by Art History teachers or official tourist guides. 


Private bus from and to the Airport.

If the group make the request our school can include the flight on the budget. 

Do you need more information about the Programs?

In our groups brochure we include and example program. Don’t miss it!

Programs for groups

Of different characteristics (friends, educational trips, seniors, families, among others).

Spanish language course

With specific subjects and contents if the group requests it.

Extra- curricular activities

Wide variety of activities to complete the linguistic immersion.


In Host family, residence, hotels, etc. No restrictions: our school can manage special requests (food intolerances, allergies, etc.) as well as arrival times at home.


Different options (bus, taxi, etc.) both to get to Salamanca and for private excursions.

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Why choose our school?

If you still have doubts…

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We understand that learning a language goes beyond its grammar and vocabulary, which is why we organize a variety of cultural activities and excursions that allow our students to experience Spanish life, history and culture in first-hand.

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More than 50 years of experience organizing language stays and educational trips. 


Highly qualified native teachers, some with more than 30 years of experience in teaching ELE. 


In an historical building from the 17th century in the heart of Salamanca (one of the most safest cities in Spain).

Familiar atmosphere

Our main purpose is to offer our students a high-quality education and friendly enviroment that makes them feel at home from day one.

100% Tailor made programs.

Are you a Spanish Teacher or Agent and would like to organize a language stay?

Budgets within 24 hours.

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You can choose the activities you would like to include in your budget if not the school will send a program with the most requested activities.

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