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For Spanish Language Teachers

Our Course for Spanish Language Teachers (ELE) is aimed towards Spanish Language Teachers or future teachers interested in improving their teaching skills and updating their knowledge of Spanish language and different cultural contents.

The course is taught by teachers with a wide experience both in teaching Spanish Language as in training Spanish teachers, which will be a fundamental support for your improvement course.

The aim of this course is to provide the participants with the necessary tools to apply during their Spanish Language classes in an effective, attractive and motivating way.


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Colegio de España

Accredited Centre by the Cervantes Institute with more than 40 years of experience training Spanish Language Teachers.

During our Improvement Course for teachers, we will deal with the following aspects:

Didactics and Methodology of the Spanish Language

Basic concepts of the Spanish Language teaching and training; approach and programs in the classroom; analysis and creation of materials for class; the role of the teacher and the management in the classroom; affective and dynamic aspects during class.

The four linguistic skills

The four linguistic skills: expression skills (oral and written expression and interaction) and interpretation skills (oral and written comprehension).

The Spanish Grammar


The Spanish Grammar: the role of grammar in the classroom; fundamental problems of Spanish grammar for foreigners; processing of mistakes.

Socio-cultural component and Spanish Language Teaching

Traditions and Culture of Spain and Hispanic America.

As a complement to the course, participants will attend the different courses and levels as visiting professors during their stay.

Course for Spanish Language Teachers

Duration: 2 weeks.

Levels: teachers or future Spanish Language teachers.

Daily sessions: 5 sessions.

Weekly sessions: 25 sessions.

Certification of the course

At the end of the course, the participants will receive an Attendance Certificate where we will indicate the sessions taken and the description of the course (including the attendance to class as listeners).

Consult dates
Consult dates

Public Holidays (will not be recuperated): 2nd and 6th January; 6th, 7th and 24th April; 1st May; 12h June; 15th August; 8th September; 12th October; 1st November; 6th and 8th December.

The school will be closed from 18th December 2023 and will open again on 2nd January 2024.

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