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Optional Spanish Courses

Spanish for everybody

Complete your learning process

The Optional Spanish Courses offered by our school are a complement for those students who need to improve or widen certain aspects of the Spanish Language (conversation, grammar, civilization and culture, etc.), for those students who are attending the University and need to study in depth certain subjects or need support for their tasks, etc.

Spanish Conversation Course


The Optional Spanish Conversation Course is aimed towards those who need to acquire a higher grade of confidence or fluency in their oral expression and solve problems, both in pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar as in socio-cultural and pragmatic aspects which might interfere in their communication with Spanish speakers.

Course: Improve your Spanish


The Course Improve your Spanish is aimed towards those students who need or wish to reinforce their knowledge of Spanish, either as a complement to their Spanish Language classes or as a support for their university studies.

Spanish Business Course


The Spanish Business Course is aimed towards executives, students studying Business or any other persons interested in learning and developing the necessary linguistic skills in the business area worldwide.

Spanish and Hispanic American Culture Course


The aim of the Spanish and Hispanic American Culture Course is to widen the knowledge of the students on the Hispanic world through an approach to History, Geography, Literature, Art, Traditions, Politics, Economy, etc. and its incidence on the language.

Optional Spanish Courses

Start of the course: Every Monday.

Duration: 4 weeks.

Weekly sessions: several options.

Small groups: 7-8 students per class (maximum 12).

* To realize any of these courses, a minimum of 4 students enrolled in the same group is required.

Material: included in the course (except books).


Public Holidays (will not be recuperated): 1st January; 28th and 29th March; 23rd April; 1st May; 12th June; 15th August; 9th September; 1st November; 6th and 9th December.

The school will be closed from 23rd December 2024 and will open again on 7th January 2025.


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