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Colegio de España

Mission, vision and values

Pioneers in Spanish Language Teaching since 1973

Our Mission

Our business mission at the Colegio de España is to provide students from all over the world with a holistic high-quality education, focusing on teaching Spanish language and Spanish and Hispanic American culture in anenriching cultural environment.

We strive to offer personalized educational programs combining Spanish Language Teaching with cultural and leisure activities for our students to enjoy a full linguistic immersion into Spanish Language.

Our center tries to contribute to the personal and social fulfilment of our students and encourages them both in class as during the extra-curricular activities, always in an atmosphere of respect and tolerance towards different cultures.

The commitment of the Colegio de España with its students goes beyond the academic and cultural aspect, one of our priorities is that students receive a familiar and close treatment that makes them feel at home as of from their first day with us.

Our Vision

  • Academic Excellence: continue to be a reference worldwide in Spanish Language Teaching.
  • Pedagogic Innovation: continuous updating of our pedagogic methodology and approaches to improve teaching and learning, adapted to the needs and expectations of the students.
  • Immersive Experience: offer an educational immersive experience which will allow that to achieve their academic aims and go beyond Spanish Language Teaching, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves into our culture and traditions.
  • Interculturality: create a multicultural environment where students can interact and learn from each other in a climate of mutual tolerance and respect..
  • Social Impact: commit to actions which benefit the local and global community, adopt sustainable practices including waste handling, energy and water savings and the use of environmentally-friendly materials.

Our Values

Excellence in teaching and other services

We have a continuous commitment in finding new ways to improve the quality of our education and other services in our center.



The personalized attention given to the student and the willingness to deal with the individual needs of each students are a key to guarantee the maximum immersion, therefore we make them feel at home as of from the first day.


Honesty and transparency

Towards our team and our clients.



One of our main values, which we reflect in the commitment and respect towards our clients, suppliers and the company’s personnel.


Active listening

We apply the free expression as a fundamental value, therefore listening to our clients and staff is a fundamental premise.



We have a firm compromise to protect and respect the privacy and confidentiality of all information of our clients, staff and suppliers.


Diversity and inclusion

We accept and respect the diversity of our students, employees and collaborators, creating and inclusive environment where all feel welcome, respected and valued equally.



The equal treatment and gender equality is one of our main values.



We are passionate in our work and transmit these both in and outside classrooms.


Corporate social responsibility

As a company we understand the need for commitment both with the environment as with all who interact with us on a daily bases (employees, collaborators, clients, etc.). Therefore, day by day, the corporative values of our company continue to carry out actions which demonstrate this compromise (cooperating with non-profit making associations, support actions to refugees, NGOs, etc., purchasing promotional products and organic cleaning supplies, among others).