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CCSE and DELE Examination for Spanish Citizenship

Take the CCSE and DELE examinations with us.

CCSE and DELE Examination for Spanish Citizenship

Since a few years ago, passing the examination of CCSE and DELE (for non-Spanish speaking candidates) is a fundamental requirement to obtain the Spanish Citizenship.

CCSE Examination

The Colegio de España is an official exam centre for the examination of Spanish Constitutional and Cultural Knowledge (CCSE).

The registration for the examination is done through the website of the Cervantes Institute.

The enrollment fee is 85€ and can be paid for using debit or credit card.  This fee, which includes the examination fees, the preparation manual for the examination, offers you the possibility to submit a second application in case you do not pass the examination. After having sent the enrolment, the candidate will receive an email confirming the date, time and exam centre of the examination, apart from information on the documentation he/she should present.
The CCSE examination can be taken the last Thursday of each month (except for August and December).

If you need any information or you have any doubt on how to enrol, you can contact us at info@colegioespana.com.

DELE Examination

DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language), granted by the Cervantes Institute on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, is the only official diploma which recognizes and certifies the degree of knowledge of the Spanish Language.

In our article, you can find all information on the examination. 

Overmore, you can take a DELE Preparatory Course at our school with teachers acredited by the Cervantes Institute as examiners for DELE.

You can enrol for the examination on the website of the Cervantes Institute and, if you need any additional information, you can contact us at info@colegioespana.com.


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