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“Rostros del Olvido”, the tribute of  Salamanca to the International Women’s Day

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As of from Today in the centre of the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca you can enjoy the exhibition “Rostros del olvido”, which reunites 22 faces of women who have been pioneers as students as the University of Salamanca and reached great achievements during the last century, in spite of the obstacles the society they were living in, imposed to the women.

With this exhibition, elaborated by female artists, Salamanca wishes to pay tribute to those women and all those who have been forgotten, and repair a historical unfairness, filling up in a symbolic way the 22 medallions of the Plaza Mayor which are still empty.

The Plaza, for many the most beautiful one in Spain, has, between the arches around the square, more than sixty medallions where you can see the busts of different important persons of the history of Spain and Salamanca: kings, saints, writers, etc.

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Even though it is difficult to choose, we have selected three of these 22 women which can approach you to the exhibition:


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Without any doubt the most famous one, she was an authentic pioneer when she became the first professor of the University in history. Lucía occupied the professorship of Classic Languages of the University of Salamanca in 1508, only 24 years old. Our admiration grows even more when reminding that the first female professorship of the Sorbonne was occupied by Marie Curie at the beginning of the 20th Century.


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She was one of the pioneers in obtaining a university degree: she graduated Medicine in 1913, overcoming all difficulties women encountered those day to accede studies, especially those aimed towards men. As a mother of five children, she always worked as a doctor.  One of our children reminded that she was always prepared to help out with a labour or autopsy, no matter what time of the day it was.

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One of the women, of whose life  we do not know anything, represents the invisibility, imposed by society, of all those women, trained at the university, which have worked in all kind of disciplines, contributing with their intellectual capacity and achievements to the development of science, mathematics, law, humanity, art, business, etc.


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What is your opinion on this beautiful tribute of Salamanca to the International Women’s day?

Leave your comment in our blog and tell us if your city has also organized some tribute for this important day.