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There is no doubt that colors influence in an important way our state of mind and vice versa: any times we show our state of mind through the color we use to dress, make up, dye our hair, decorate our home, etc. It is not a coincidence that in autumn and winter we have more dark colors in our wardrobe, quite the reverse from what happens in spring and summer.

The importance of color in our lives is shown in the language throughout numerous idioms and colloquial expressions, using different colors.Los Colores-Colegio de España-Noticias


Quedarse en blanco: to go blank, have a mental block in the less inconvenient moment, for example, during an examination.

Estar sin blanca: to be broke, penniless

Pasar la noche en blanco: to not sleep a wink

Dar en el blanco: to hit the mark


Ponerse / estar negro: to make somebody cross

Ver algo negro: to be pessimist on a certain issue

Tener la negra: to be out of luck, have a run of bad luck

Novela negra: thriller

Dinero negro: dirty money, money from crime


Tener sangre azul: to have blue blood, to be part of the aristocracy

Príncipe azul: Prince Charming


Poner verde a alguien: to give somebody a dressing down

Estar verde en algo: lack of experience in the knowledge to do something

Chiste/ película/ libro verde: with a sexual connotation


Ponerse/Estar rojo: to turn red, blush

Estar algo al rojo vivo: during the most intense moment

Ser rojo: to be communist or simple left wing


Ponerse morado:  to eat or drink a lot

Pasarlas moradas: to have a tough time of it


Ser un marrón: to be a charge

Comerse un marrón: To cough up, own up


Estar como una rosa: to feel as fresh as a daisy

Ver algo de color de rosa: to be without any troubles and quite optimistic

Novela rosa: romance story


Prensa amarilla: sensationalist news

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