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Colegio de España

The Colegio de España, founded in 1973 in Salamanca, is an academic institution with a highly qualified teaching staff, with a solid teaching experience. Its fundamental aim is to teach and to spread the Spanish and Hispano-American Language and Culture.

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The Colegio de España is located in a XVII century building in the historical centre of Salamanca, just two minutes away from the famous Plaza Mayor.

The school has in its facilities a video and conference room, a library, a multimedia room with last generation computers with internet and free WIFI throughout the whole building.

The international prestige achieved by the Colegio de España during its 37 years of operation is based on:

  • The professionalism, experience and academic training of its teachers.
    All our teachers are university graduates with extensive experience in teaching ELE (Spanish as a foreign language) to students as well as to teachers.
  • The variety and quality of its courses and programs.
    We have over twenty different types of courses. In addition, the Colegio de España offers the possibility to customize or tailor-made courses for students and groups with special needs.
  • The personallized attention given to each student.
    Our staff, highly qualified, can speak various languages which makes its easier for students to communicate and express their doubts from their first day at the school.
  • Its family atmosphere and thoroughness at work.
    Our school is a meeting point between different cultures which combines serious and rigorous work, together with a relaxed atmosphere. This is one of the fundamental keys which incites students to study Spanish.

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