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Information on your Spanish course

Información Académica Colegio de España

On your first day of class, at 8.45a.m., at our school you will take a placement test (included within the course sessions) which will determine your level of Spanish.

You can use the following link (Placement test) to take the test and get to know your level of Spanish.

If for any reason, the level you have been placed in, is not appropriate, you can change within the first three days of class after having consulted your teacher or the Head of Studied.

A1 level students (Beginners) should start courses the first week of each course (consult dates).

In the following link, you can find more information on our levels of Spanish Language.

Our teaching methods, adapted to the needs of each student, are based on communicative approach and focused on the students. We pay special attention to stimulating their interest to learn and help them develop their communicative skills, using motivating tasks and dynamic classes, which allow them to interact during daily life. This interactive dynamic is achieved creating the appropriate atmosphere in class, encouraging the interest for work, mutual support, cordiality, empathy, respect and knowledge among students and towards other languages and cultures. This way we are able to satisfy the desire of our students to progress in their Spanish language training, to get more familiar with Spanish-speaking countries and to communicative with their inhabitants.

The books and class material used in our classes have been carefully selected to guarantee you to make the most of your course.

Apart from the Spanish books, during class we will use other materials, elaborated and selected carefully by our teachers: comics, postcards, pictures, posters, official forms, real letters, newspapers, magazines, music, audiovisual material, etc. to enrich you learning experience, motivate you and widen your knowledge.

On your first day of class, after having taken the placement test and after having determined your level of Spanish, we will give you the material you will use during your Spanish classes.

The price of the books is not included in the price of your course (27 € approximately).

The schedule for our classes is from Mondays to Fridays, generally in the mornings. On your first day of class, we will give you all information on your schedule and extra-curricular activities programmed during your stay.

Class sessions last for 50 minutes (so you will have several breaks in between during which you can interact with your classmates and practice what you have learned during class).

Class Attendance and punctuality will be controlled by the teachers and non-attendance will be discounted from the total hours on the Certificate of Attendance.

At the end of your Spanish course, you will receive an Attendance Certificate, where we will indicate the number of sessions you have attended and the level of Spanish you have reached (this certificate is free of charge).

If you wish, you can obtain the Study Certificate. To obtain this certificate, you should pass the corresponding evaluations and attend at least 90% of the total sessions.

Since several years, our school has an agreement with UPSA (Pontifical University of Salamanca) which allows our students to obtain university credits, granted by the University.

To obtain university credits, you should take one of the following courses.

This option is only valid for a course of at least 50 sessions.

Ask for more information at the Administration or at

Our school is entitled to cancel any course or subject that does not have a minimum of 4 students enrolled.

If this would be your case, don’t worry, we will offer you the possibility to realize any other course similar to the one you have enrolled for or give you a refund of what you have paid for.