Terms and conditions



The Colegio de España does not charge any enrollment fee. If you wish to hire your lodging through our school, you should pay the placement fee of 30€ + VAT (21%).

To book a course you should:

1.- Fill out the inscription form indicating all personal details.

Once you have received the invoice of the required services, you should send a deposit of 100 € to confirm your booking (this deposit will be deducted from the total of the invoice).

The rest of the invoice can be paid before arrival or on the first day of course.  Our school does not offer any financing methods.



To formalize the services (course, lodging, etc.), you should send the contract and annex duly signed through email (we will send you these documents together with the invoice).

Two copies of the contract should be signed, being one copy of the student-borrower and the other one for the provider, which will be stored in the centre available to the competent authorities on demand.


Payment of the courses and required services should be done within the established time frames of the Colegio de España and by the following methods:

  • Wire transfer (COLEGIO DE ESPAÑA, BANCO SANTANDER, Address: Calle Rúa Mayor, nº 35, 37008, Salamanca, IBAN: ES08 0049 1550 7420 9008 9658, SWIFT: BSCHESMM)
  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Cash on the first day of course

Important: All expenses and commissions generated by any of these transactions will be beard by the borrower.



The Colegio de España, after each payment, will give you a payment receipt, indicating the number of the invoice, company name and registered address of the provider, name and surname of the student, course name, settlement period, itemized breakdown of cost (VAT included in the course and the class material ), and place and date of issue.


Once you have sent the deposit and realized the booking, we will give you the brochure and information document where you can find the identification of the centre, the owner and person in charge, provisions, course name, deadline for applications, academic titles of teaching staff, prices and other circumstances.  Notwithstanding the foregoing the student will obtain this information through the website where he can download this information document before making the booking.




The Colegio provides the school material free of charge (notebook and pen). The books used during class are not included in the price of the course (the books should be paid for on the first day of class).


Generally classes will take place in the mornings (from 9.00a.m. to 1.00p.m. and from 9.00a.m. to 2.00p.m.). The Colegio is entitled to make changes to the class schedule in case necessary.


The average number of students per class is between 7-8 students (maximum allowed 12).


On national or local holidays there will be no class. These days are not refundable (see more information on the Price List and Calendar of Courses or on our website).


At the end of the course all students will receive an Attendance Certificate free of charge, which will have the name and address of the Centre, name of the course, identification of the student, place and date as well as the signature of the person in charge-director of the Centre. At request of the student or his/her legal representatives, the centre will give information or certification of school performance with the achievement and attendance.

The certificates issued by the Colegio do not have an official value, the only certificate with an official recognition is the DELE issued by the Cervantes Institute.


The office of Colegio de España is situated in Calle Compañía nº 65, 37002 Salamanca, although, for organizational reasons and, during the busiest months, classes might take place in other locations than the Colegio. In this case we will notify the student in advance.


The Colegio de España offers the student the possibility to change his lodging to another one with the same characteristics in case he/she would not be satisfied. In this case, he/she should inform the administration of the Colegio as soon as possible.


The activities which are not free of charge are not included in the course fee (except when booking in advance). The student can participate in any of the activities he/she wishes to upon payment at the administration.

The programmed activities require a minimum of 10 participants.  The Colegio de España is entitled to change or cancel any of the activities if minimum requirements are not met, in that case the amount paid for will be refunded.


All students should have a medical insurance for their stay in Salamanca.  The Colegio de España will not be responsible of any problems in case the student does not have it.

If you wish, you can hire this service at the Colegio de España before your arrival for this you must indicate it in the administration at info@colegioespana.com .


Our centre does not have a minimum or maximum age to participate in our courses, nevertheless the recommended minimum age is 8 years.

The Colegio de España will lodge underage students who participate in our courses individually will be lodged with host families. Parents or legal guardians must sign a contract consenting the curfews, allergies and relevant information on the student, which the host family will be informed on.

In the case of groups with underage students, the Colegio will receive the behaviour rules from the contracting school.

The Colegio de España will not be responsible for any consequence caused by an inadequate behaviour, misconduct, infringement of laws, etc. of the student during his/her stay in Salamanca.




BY THE WILL OF THE PROVIDER (Colegio de España).- This contract will automatically terminate on the following assumptions:

  • In the event of non-payment of the BORROWER (student) of the agreed price within the agreed time limits.
  • In case of non-compliance of the BORROWER of the liabilities assumed by him and referring to the due respect of the rules of the centre (diligence and care of the facilities and material of the Centre and hired services, respect towards classmates and staff, host families, etc., meeting attendance and punctuality rules, not hampering the development of class, etc.) and violation of laws of criminal code.

In case of revocaction for the cause 1º, this is automatic without any prior notice to the borrower, for the cause 2º a simple notification through email sent by the centre on this decision is sufficient.

-Once the course has started, in none of the cases of termination at the provider’s request, the provider will not be obliged to refund any of the amounts paid for, being entitled to claim any of the outstanding amounts until the end of the course.



WITHOUT CAUSE, the following shall apply:

If you have (only) paid the deposit You cancel your course and/or accommodation 20 days before starting the course We reimburse you 50% of the deposit (50€)
If you have paid the whole invoice You cancel your course and other services (accommodation, transfer, etc.) 20 days before starting the course We reimburse you 50% of the deposit and 100% of the rest of the invoice
If you have paid the whole invoice You cancel your accommodation 20 days before your arrival We reimburse you 100% of the amount paid (except for the placement charge)
If you have paid the whole invoice You cancel any of the services (course, accommodation, transfer, etc.) less than 20 days before starting the course We reimburse you the whole amount paid for, discounting the deposit of 100€

CANCELLATIONS FOR JUSTIFIED CAUSES: During the period between 20 days before starting and the start date of your course.

  • VISA DENIAL: the Colegio de España will give you the necessary documents to obtain your visa after having received the full payment of the course and hired service. IN CASE OF DENIAL, the cause of cancellation will be informed.
  • HOSPITALIZATION OR MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION (of the student or decease of hospitalization of a family member up to 2nd degree of consanguinity).

For any of these reasons, the Colegio will reimburse you 100% of the amount paid for (discounting bank expenses generated by the refund). Within 14 working days after having cancelled the course and/or services, you should send a justification to info@colegioespana.com, with acknowledgement of receipt and the Colegio will analyse and will, if appropriate, send you the refund indicated above.

JUSTIFIED CANCELLATION AFTER HAVING STARTED THE COURSE: If a student should return to his/her home country before the end date of the course due to FORCE MAJEURE (critical emergency, illness of next of kin, etc.) provided that this is properly justified, the Colegio will give the student a Certificate which will allow him/her to complete the sessions he/she was unable to complete.

This Certificate will be valid during one year after receipt and the accommodation will not be included on the certificate.



  • CANCELLATION OF COURSES WHEN NOT REACHING THE MINIMUM NUMBER OF STUDENTS: the Colegio is entitled to cancel any of the courses which do not have a minimum of 4 students enrolled.  In this case, we will offer a course with similar characteristics or a refund of the amount paid for.
  • CANCELLATION AT THE BEHEST OF THE PROVIDER DUE TO FORCE MAJEURE: if due to any force majeure (fire, floods, accidents or other type of natural catastrophes) the Colegio de España would have to cancel any of its courses, program or mini-stay, the total amount paid for will be refunded immediately. The Colegio will bear any bank expenses generated for this refund.



The students is entitled to withdraw from the educational contract without having to justify, within 14 calendar days of acceptance of the contact, using the withdrawal form.

The student is entitled to exercise his/her right of withdrawal, therefore he should inform COLEGIO DE ESPAÑA Y AMBOS MUNDOS S.L on the decision to withdraw from the contract, to do this, there are two options:

-Send an email to info@colegioespana.com notifying the decision.

-Fill out the withdrawal form.

To exercise the right to withdrawal, it is sufficient whenever the notice related to exercising his/her right has been sent before the expiry of the corresponding due date.



Using the inscription form or after having signed the educational contract, you accept and consent that:

  1. After having sent the contract through email with confirmation receipt, you have a 14 day time period to exercise your right of withdrawal, after this dealine, and, in case of cancellation, the terms of cancellation set out in the contract will be applicable.
  2. On-site or online booking less than 14 days before the start date of the course: this will imply the loss to exercise the right of withdrawal.



The withdrawal will lead to the cancellation of the enrolment with a full refund. Pursuant to the Loyal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, the Colegio de España will refund the total amount of the hired services within 14 days after having exercised the right of withdrawal.

The refund will be done in the same way as you have made the payment, in no case you will bear any of the expenses generated by the refund.