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Activity Program
Extra-curricular activities Week from 28th November to 4th December.
We hope to see you!

28th November: Spanish movie at the Colegio, 4.30 p.m. Maktub: this Arabic word means “it was written” and wishes to show us that “our destiny” has already bean written and marks certain connections with our life, our soul and the Divine Plan.

29th November: Everyone dance salsa!, 8.00p.m. We continue with the salsa lessons for Beginners.

30th November: Collection of food and toys for the most needed. We remind you that it is important to collaborate in this collection to help those persons and children who need it most. Any contribution is helpful. We hope you collaborate!

1st December: Visit to “Barrio del Oeste”. This neighbourhood is an interesting area for those living in or visiting Salamanca. Its streets full of art, bars and small shops have converted the Barrio del Oeste into a reference point in the cultural life of Salamanca.

4th December: Trip to Toledo. Departure at 8.00a.m., includes transport in private coach.