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University Level Course in Hispanic Studies (July)

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The University Level Summer Course is specific course which takes part during the month of July and is aimed toward Spanish Language Teachers, students and postgraduates with a minimum B2 level of Spanish.

Every year our school changes the subjects taught during the University Level Summer Course with the intention to offer diverse and interesting contents for the participants.

This course is aimed toward those who wish to make good use of their holidays to complete and widen concrete aspects of Spanish and Hispanic American cultures, taking the different subjects offered during this program.

Duration: From 1st to 26th July 2019

Subjects of this course: 

Fundamental Problems of Spanish Grammar

Masterpieces of Spanish art in their historical context

Spanish Civilization: Traditions of Spain

Colloquial Spanish

Literature and Culture of Contemporary Spain (20th and 21st C.)

Contemporary Hispanic American Literature


  • To obtain the Certificate in Hispanic Studies, you should take at least two subjects, completing the corresponding homework and/or examinations required by each teacher.
  • The University Level Summer Course offers you the possibility to obtain University Credits, granted by the Pontifical University of de Salamanca (UPSA). To obtain credits (8), you should take at least 4 subjects during 4 weeks.  These credits have an additional cost.
  • Our school is entitled to cancel any subject course which does not have a minimum of 4 students enrolled.

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His personal history is deeply associated in collective consciousness with the affirmation of Salamanca as a city of reference in Spanish teaching. He co-founded the Summer Courses at the University of Salamanca in 1963, together with César Real de la Riva, and in 1973, he founded the Colegio de España. The Colegio de España is a leading institution in the Spanish Language Teaching, and was able to reach a high international prestige when the “Spanish Industry” was only a mirage.

José Luis de Celis Ullán was also a distinguished publisher: he was the founder and first president of the Gremio de Editores de Castilla y León, founder and director of Publishing House “Ambos Mundos”, and creator and director of the literary magazine “Cuadernos del Lazarillo”. We cannot forget his dedication to the Cultural Institution “Alfonso X, El Sabio, founded in 1970 and presided by him until his decease.
His hard work was rewarded by the following prizes: Victor Nacional de Bronce of the SEU, “Medalla al Mérito de la Cultura de Polonia” and posthumous “Salmantino del Año 2004”.
It is impossible to talk about Jose Luis without mentioning his profound love for nature, which led him to collaborate with many organizations dedicated to animal protection and the defense of environment.


  • Albornoz, Aurora de (University of Puerto Rico)
  • Alonso, Carlos (Emory University)
  • Amoros, Andrés (Autonomous University of Madrid)
  • Basanta, Ángel ( “Rey Pastor” Institute, Madrid)
  • Barreda, Thomas, Pedro (University of Massachusetts)
  • Benítez Rojo, Antonio (Amherst College)
  • Cardillac, Louis (University of Montpellier)
  • Cevallos, Francisco J. (University of Massachusetts)
  • De Celis Ullán, José Luis (Colegio de España)
  • D’Introno, Francesco (University of Massachusetts)
  • Domínguez Ortiz, Antonio (University of Granada)
  • Fernández Cifuentes, Luis (Harvard University)
  • G. Povedano, Francisco (University of Kiel)
  • Gómez Torres, Ana María (University of Málaga)
  • González Echevarría, Roberto (University of Yale)
  • Gullón, Germán (University of Texas)
  • Harris, James (I.M.T.)
  • Hermenegildo, Alfredo (University of Montreal)
  • Hertzberger, David (University of Connecticut)
  • Hualde, Ignacio (University of Illinois)
  • Iffland, James (Boston University)
  • Laspéras, Jean Michel (University of Aix-en-Provence)
  • López-Baralt, Luce (University of Puerto Rico)
  • Mabrey, Cristina (University of South Carolina)
  • Marcané, Leonardo (State University of New York)
  • Martín Melón, Mar (Colegio de España)
  • Manteiga, Roberto (University of Rhode Island)
  • Maurer, Christopher (University of Harvard)
  • Morón Arroyo, Ciriaco (University of Cornell)
  • Navas Ruiz, Ricardo (University of Massachusetts)
  • Olivio Jiménez, José (Hunter College, New York)
  • Pellón, Gustavo (University of Virginia)
  • Pupo Walker, Enrique (Universidad Vanderbilt)
  • Ruiz Ramón, Francisco (Vanderbilt University)
  • Zamora, Juan Clemente (University of Massachusetts)


  • Cano, José Luis (Poet)
  • Izcaray, Jesús de (Novelist)
  • Kodama, María (Writer)
  • Landero, Luis (Novelist National Literature Award)
  • Merino, José María (Novelist)
  • Millás, Juan José (Novelist) Sastre, Alfonso (Dramatist)

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