Privacy Notice


COLEGIO DE ESPAÑA Y AMBOS MUNDOS S.L., owner of the website (further on called “the website”), guarantees the protection of all your personal information collected from the user on the website.  In adherence to the terms established in Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, relating to Personal Data Protection and the EU-regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council, as well as other applicable standards.

As set out in the previous paragraph, we inform you that:

In adherence to the terms established in Organic Law 15/1999 , of December 13, relating to Personal Data Protection and the EU-regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council, we inform you that by submitting this form, you shall be consenting, as well as all your personal information collected from the user on the website, that these will be incorporated and processed in the registration and treatment of data, set up for this purpose and maintained under the responsibility of COLEGIO DE ESPAÑA Y AMBOS MUNDOS S.L., VAT: B-37293180 and tax residence at Calle Compañía, 65, 37002 Salamanca (Salamanca).  The email to contact them is

  1. a) Legal ground for processing

The legal ground for the data processing is based on the consent of data subjects.  When the contracts of provision of services are through the web, the legitimacy will be derived from the execution of this contract.  Likewise, there will be a legitimate interest in those cases where the interested party is already client of the responsible, for the fraud prevention and in case the data procession is done for purposes of direct marketing.

In case the personal data belong to other persons, you shall be consenting and having been informed, in advance, of the points contained in this clause.  In the same way, we ask you to inform us on any changes in your personal data.  COLEGIO DE ESPAÑA Y AMBOS MUNDOS S.L. is not responsible for data transferred to third parties, which have not given their consent nor have knowledge of the contents of this clause,  being liability of the person who has given his/her data to COLEGIO DE ESPAÑA Y AMBOS MUNDOS S.L.

The User certifies that he is over 14 years old (in case of minors less than 14 years, this should be certified by their parents/legal guardian or representative) y therefore has legal capacity to give consent to the data processing, and all of this, in accordance with the contents of this Privacy Notice.

  1. b) Purposes of processing

The data given through the website are sufficient and necessary for the following purposes:

  • Analysis, management and resolution of enquiries (contact form). The conservation period will be during the time the enquiry lasts.
  • Automatic collection and treatment of personal data, as a consequence of web browsing (check out the Cookies Policy).
  • Commercial relationship with the client, current students, as well as former or future students (contact form and course enrolment). The conservation period will be the necessary time for the treatment.  Contracts and invoices five and ten years, respectively.
  • Electronic mailing of publicity, news and features related to the courses of COLEGIO DE ESPAÑA Y AMBOS MUNDOS S.L. (contact form). The conservation period will be during the treatment, unless the user uses is right to erasure before.
  1. c) Security, transfer and disclosure

During the data processing all necessary security measures have been taken to prevent loss, unauthorized access or manipulation of data, in adherence to the terms established in the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21.

The compromise of COLEGIO DE ESPAÑA Y AMBOS MUNDOS S.L. to protect any confidential information it may encounter.

COLEGIO DE ESPAÑA Y AMBOS MUNDOS S.L.  undertakes that this personal data will not be shared nor provided to third parties without the consent of the user, which in this case, will be notified when filling out the catch document form.

Nevertheless, the delivery of certain services may require the need to shared data to third parties to manage the infrastructures or provide service, as, for example, to administer newsletters.  In these case, the accommodation is guaranteed in European Union countries (and henceforth complying the European Regulation on Data Protection) or in others covered by the EU-US Privacy Shield, approved by the European Data Protection Committee (consult for more information on

For example, if you use PayPal (based in Luxemburg and subject to the RGPD standards) for the payment of courses via the platform.

Like the main part of the banks or financial service providers or payment service providers, PayPal works with service providers to third parties, who provide functions to be able to offer a secure way to send payments, as with other commercial partners.  PayPal needs to disclose personal data to these third parties every periodically to be able to provide the services.

Generally the legislation in Luxemburg to which the data processing for PayPal users is subject, (data protection and bank secret) requires a higher degree of transparency than the other laws in the European Union.  For this reason, in contrast to the great majority of services providers based on the Internet or financial services in the European Union, PayPal has included in its Privacy Notice all third services providers or trade partners they can disclose information from its users to, as well as the purpose to disclose the provided data and information.  You can find a link to those third parties here.

When opening a PayPal account, you agree explicitly to the disclosure of your data to third parties for the above-mentioned purposes.

In no case the disclosure of the data will imply the surpassing the consent given according to the current purposes and conditions in this privacy notice.

  1. d) Consequences if you decide not to accept the privacy notice

If you choose not to provide the required information, the services on the website might not be fully available.  If you do not provide the required information on the contact form (name, email, question and message), the required services will not be able to be carried out.  The refusal to accept the Cookies policy might cut off the functionality of the website.

  1. e) Subjects’ rights

At any time, the user can use his right to access, rectification, erasure and opposition of your personal data , sending a communication to the owner of the website to the following address: or through the links provided for this purpose in the electronic notifications.

The subject has the right to request the personal data we hold on you, provided to the data processor, in a structure way, commonly used and machine-readable and has the right to disclose these data to another data processor without restrictions of the first data processor.

In certain circumstances, the subjects can restrict the data processing, in which we will only keep the data for complaint services or defense of claims.

In case you have given your consent for a specific purpose, you have the right to erasure at any time, without affecting lawfulness of the data processing based on the consent given before erasure.

The subjects can raise a claim to the Supervisory Authority on Data Protection if you fail to obtain satisfaction on the exercise of your rights.

  1. f) Miscellaneous

The express consent given when filling out the inscription form also includes the following:

  • COLEGIO DE ESPAÑA Y AMBOS MUNDOS S.L. E reserves the right to outsource employees to provide different services for the convenient development and organization of the company COLEGIO DE ESPAÑA Y AMBOS MUNDOS S.L.
  • Likewise, it is entitled to hire third parties to manage and process the legal issues in general and, all relative, in particular, to data processing. COLEGIO DE ESPAÑA Y AMBOS MUNDOS S.L. will oblige the hired company and/or professional and data processors disclosed, to sign a confidentiality pledge for personal data to ensure the privacy of this information.
  • The subject consents to surrender their personal information whenever required by administrative authorities responsible or by a court order.
  • The subject authorizes the data processing provided to COLEGIO DE ESPAÑA Y AMBOS MUNDOS S.L. under the terms established on this clause.