Private flat / Bedsitter

Private flat / Bedsitter

The lodging at a private flat or bedsitter is the best option if you wish to have a complete privacy during your stay in Salamanca.

Our private flats mainly have one or two bedrooms (they can have more) so that you can enjoy your her stay by yourself or with other family members. Most of these lodgings have been recently renovated and have new, comfortable and functional furniture.

Piso privado / Estudio Colegio de España

What can you expect from your private flat?

  • These lodgings have bed linen (eiderdown and blankets), towels for personal use and a fully equipped kitchen:
  • Most of these lodgings have internet (WIFI).
  • Some of these lodgings offer parking lots and allow pets. In both cases you should ask for permission beforehand.

If you would have any doubts, contact us

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