Interesting information on your Course

You can start your course every Monday. The Colegio recommends A1 Level students to start their classes the first week of each course.

Our school does not have a minimum nor maximum age to participate in our courses, nevertheless, the recommended minimum age is 8 years.

Your tuition fee includes class material, welcome gift, all extra-curricular activities free of charge which will take place during your stay and an Attendance Certificate of your course.

On your first day of class, at 8.45 a.m. you will take a placement test to determine your level of Spanish (included within the hours of class). Or if you prefer, you can take our placement test online.

Yes. To change to another level, you should contact your teacher or the Head of Studies.

On your first day of class, you should come to our school, situated at Calle Compañía, nº 65, Salamanca.

The classes at our school are reduced groups. The average number of students per class is 7-8, the maximum number is 12.

Our school receives students of all age groups and nationalities.

Yes. To extend your course, please inform the Administration of the Colegio. If you have a long-duration course and you wish to extend your course, you should inform at least a month before the end date of your course, and that way, we can apply the discounts offered by the Colegio.

The duration of the course can be extended, but cannot be shortened, without a properly justified cause (emergency, illness of next of kin, etc).

To cancel your course, please consult the conditions in the section Enrolment (FAQ). Once your course has started, you will not be entitled to any refund.

From the Administration of the Colegio, we will send you a document with all Useful information before arrival, where you can also find the contact phone numbers in case of emergency.

If you return to the Colegio for the second time, you will receive a 5% discount for your new course, and if you bring us a friend to take a course at the Colegio, he/she will receive the same discount.

Curso Colegio de España
Curso Colegio de España